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Can. Am. Ch Vanderbilt's Warpaint BISS

                                                                                                               Ice Way's Ice Breaker Am Ch BIS BISS
                                                                          Polar Mist Break the Bank  Can CH
                                                                                                               Polar Mist Saucy Minx 
                                     Vanderbilt's Breakin' Trail Can Ch
                                                                                                               Wolf River's Falcon AM CH
                                                                          Wolf River's High as a Kite Can CH
                                                                                                               Wolf River's Terra Am Ch
   Vanderbilt's True Lee Can Am Ch
                                                                                                               Sparrow Hill's Taakowah Am CH
                                                                          Wolf River's Siberian Taiga Am Ch
                                                                                                               Wolf River's Ruffian  Am Ch CD
                                     Wolf River's Vanderbilt Mesa Can Ch
                                                                                                               Wolf River's Drumlin Am CH
                                                                          Wolf River's Fata Morgana Am Ch
                                                                                                               Seamist's Raven of Wolf River Am CH

                                                                                                               Wolf River's Star AM CH
                                                                          Wolf River's Falcon AM CH
                                                                                                               Seamist's Raven of Wolf River Am CH
                                     Vanderbilt's Secretariat  Can Am CH
                                                                                                               Shebaska's Gem Print Can CH
                                                                          Shebaska's Vanderbilt Kipmetna Can Ch
                                                                                                               Shebaska's Tojo At Samsu Can Ch
   Vanderbilt's Live It Up Can Ch
                                                                                                               Sanorka's Venture T 'Northwind Am Ch
                                                                          Mystical's Stolen Memory Can Am Ch
                                                                                                               Mystical's Sweet Bit O'Fantasy Am Ch
                                     Mystical Marla of Vanderbilt Can Ch
                                                                                                               Sanorka's Silver Sabre O' Risuko Am. Ch.
                                                                          Risuko's Mystical Charisma 
                                                                                                               Risuko's Sweetest Taboo 
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